Enhanced Care in Care Homes

The enhanced health in care homes hopes to improve the care of residents of care homes by coordinating with other services such as the GP practice and social care teams.  


Your practice is involved with this service. Here is some information about how your information is used.

  • Your GP uses technology to highlight the records of patients who live in the care home and who might benefit from a visit from their GP

  • Your GP will ask a doctor from North Norfolk Primary Care to visit you / your loved one on their behalf

  • Whilst the doctors or nurses from North Norfolk Primary Care are onsite visiting other residents, they may also find out that you / your loved one needs some support and will arrange this for you / your loved one


  • In order to provide you with safe and effective care, we will usually need to share information with each other – like the care plan that is created by your care home and the health record that is held by your GP.


  • The North Norfolk Primary Care doctors and nurses will only visit with patients that have agreed to meet with us

  • When we need to access their health or care information – we will let you / your loved one know

  • We are permitted to share information in this way by data protection law but we will give you / your loved one an opportunity to object

  • Once we have visited with you / your loved one, we will share information about the visit with the care home and your / your loved one’s GP and it will form part of your health record and kept in line with NHS guidelines

  • You / your loved one have / has a number of rights when it comes to information. Please ask your / your loved one’s GP if you / your loved one want(s) to have a copy or change information or to make a complaint.

  • Our data protection officers would be happy to answer any questions you have.

  • More information about information sharing for the project and about how we keep your information secure – please visit the NNPC Website

                  for a copy of the conclusion from our assessment of privacy