June 21 DPO Newsletter

  • Alexa and Siri-listening to Our Patients

  • Police Requests and Disclosures

  • Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare

  • GP Mass Extraction (NHS Digital)

  • Daisy Communications

  • Multi Ethnic (BAME) Connect for Health Social Prescribing Service -Information Sharing (SUFFOLK PRACTICES ONLY)

  • C the Signs

  • Microsoft Teams Guidance

  • PCIT Incident Update

July 21 Newsletter

  • Minor Amendment to Norwich Social Prescribing Information Sharing Protocol.

  • MyDPO.

  • Inappropriate Staff Access.

  • New Starter Data Protection and Security Induction.

  • Compliance Review Started for COVID-19 Risk Assessment Tool.

  • The Risks Around Shared Logins

July 21 Newsletter no.2

  • Compliance Review Started for Expert Care Hypertension. 

  • Changing Signature/Practice Display Name on AccurRx Texts.

  • Update to SMI Health Check Process - NSFT Access.

  • Compliance Review Started for PCIT.

  • Cinapsis - Shared Dermatology Service.

  • New Kafico Team Member.

  • DPO Masters.

August 21 Newsletter 

  • Kafico Awards

  • Disclosing Patient Details to local Authorities for Vaccination Activites

  • Compliance Review Started Notespace

  • Healthy. IO (Home Kidney Testing Kits)

  • Fourteen Fish Data Protection Compliance Concerns

  • New Records Management Code of Practice 2020 Published

September 21 Newsletter

  • Compliance Review Started for Use of Archive Logistics for Primary Care Offsite Storage.

  • Compliance Review Started for Push Doctor.

  • North Norfolk / Norwich GP Front Door (Streamaing)

  • Change of MyDesmond Contract Review.

  • Compliance Review Started for NHS Diabetes Prevention Program.

  • ExpertCare (Hypertension).

  • CPRD Research.

  • Healthera Processor Contract Review.

  • NCAN Data Protection Assurance. 

  • Compliance Review Started for NoteSpace. 

October 21 Newsletter

  • Compliance Review Started for Falls Prevention Project (Norfolk and Waveney Customers. 

  • UK Cloud Processor Contract Review. 

  • Push Doctor.

  • Amendment to SMI Outreach - COPI (Norfolk and Waveney Customers). 

  • National Diabetes Prevention Programme - Xyla (Norfolk and Waveny Customers). 

  • Using Emails within the Clinical System. 

  • FOI Request - Processing Activities Log. 

  • Deceased Patient Record Requests. 

  • NSFT Care Homes Dementia Project - Updated Information Sharing Protocol (Norfolk and Waveney Customers). 

November/December/January 21-22 Newsletter

  • New Address

  • Atlas Citation Processor Contract Review

  • Processing Contract Review Mailchimp

  • Processor Contract Review

  • Use of X-On Connect

  • LAMP Testing - DPIA signed off

  • Gripping Occupational Health: DPIA Completed

  • NoteSpace Processor Contract Review

  • PeopleHR Processor Contract Review

  • Incident Learning

  • Routine Sharing With Pharmacies

  • PCN System Hub

  • Use of SMS for Research Invitations: DPIA Signed off

  • Survey Monkey Processor Contract Review

  • Accessing Records of Staff or Friends and Family

  • NEST Processor Contract Review

  • Retiring NHS Email for Leavers

  • Learning from ICO Fine

  • Kafico Managed Disclosure Service