Prescribing Services Privacy by Design Support Documents
Note: Data protection law places no obligation on Data Processors to complete Data Protection Impact Assessments. Rather, they are required to develop systems with Privacy by Design and Default and provide evidence of technical and organisation measures in place.
PSL are committed to supporting their customers with their DPIA obligations and the suite of documents below, each related to a different PSL services, are provided for that purpose.
  • September 2018: Redraft for GDPR implementation
  • February 2019: Added conclusion and summary page
  • February 2020: Added more information about sub processors
  • May 2020: Updated section 13 to include more information about authentication of users
  • June 2020: Updated section 7 to reflect that Information Rights briefing has been developed
  • June 2020: Updated section 12 to provide more detail about steps towards data quality and validation
  • July 2020: Addendum added for COVID Protect - see section 15 
  • December 2020: Data Flow Map Added
  • January 2021: Added explanation of Vista data flow into Conclusion section
  • January 2021: Updated Data Flow Map to reflect all customer arrangements
  • September 2021: Complete redraft - no change to processing - simply a more comprehensive assessment.