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We are an Information Law consultancy that has a background in health and care.


The Director / Lead Consultant originally trained as a nurse and has worked in this field for over 15 years. We understand primary care and have overseen compliance for PCNs, CCGs. CSUs and GP Support Organisations.

Our Lead consultant holds a Masters in Information Rights Law and Practice, BCS (ISEB) Data Protection, BCS (ISEB) Freedom of Information and CISMP Information Security.


The Kafico Data Protection Consultant graduated in law with business, with particular focus on contract law and she has expertise in power of attorney, court ordered data, parental disputes, child abuse and police disclosures.

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Why Kafico?

We truly care about our practices and want to provide them with an unparalleled service that makes them feel confident and reduces the burden on their stretched resources.

Our service far exceeds the minimum contractual CCG provision.


Kafico works hard to provide the option to undertake activities on their behalf and reduce the resource burden on practices – developing transparency materials, protocols, drafting responses to the ICO.

Our Unique Selling Point is not just to advise, but to 'do the doing'.

Kafico have achieved Cyber Essentials and have submitted an annual compliant Data Protection and Security Toolkit. Our full security assurance documents are available on request.

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DPO Service

  • Specialist qualified advice on GDPR matters;

  • Management of incidents and near misses

  • Support with National Opt Out

  • Log of Processing Activities

  • Full Policy Suite

  • Annual Audit Schedule

  • Privacy Notices

  • Training

  • NHS Data Protection and Security Toolkit

  • Point of contact for patients

  • Liaising with ICO in relation to complaints or incidents

  • Quarterly newsletter

  • Data Protection Impact Assessments

  • Data Sharing Agreements

  • Access to MyDpo. A portal providing real time access to policies, protocols and supporting documentation

  • Due diligence for providers (software etc)

  • CQC Evidence Pack

Managed Disclosure Service

GPs / primary care providers routinely receive a high volume of disclosure requests; from subject access requests to court orders.


The Kafico Managed Disclosure Service (KMDS) provides a full end to end service for managing primary care disclosures as below;


  • Initial request and confirmation issued to GP practice 

  • Holding response sent to requestor (solicitor, patient, police)

  • Request logged to be monitored for legal timescales

  • Clarifications, power of attorney and ID validation performed

  • Direct access to clinical systems

  • Application of legal exemptions

  • If complex or voluminous, apply time limit extensions

  • Third party liaison (social workers, safeguarding etc) 

  • Apply redactions

  • Provide of records directly to the requestor through secure digital route (support requestor with secure email receipt process) or recorded delivery

  • Final report to practice

  • Respond to any questions or complaints

Prices range from £1,000 to £20,000 per year, depending on the services selected.

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