Information Technology

The practice will use third parties to provide services that involve your information such as;

  • Removal and destruction of confidential waste

  • Provision of clinical systems

  • Provision of connectivity and servers

  • Digital dictation services

Data analytics or warehousing (these allow us to make decisions about care or see how effectively the practice is run – personal data will never be sold or made available to organisations not related to your care delivery)

We have contracts in place with these third parties that prevent them from using it in any other way that instructed. These contracts also require them to maintain good standards of security to ensure your confidentiality.

Text Messaging

Our practice may wish to use text messaging to communicate with you about practice activities or your own healthcare. 

We may text you;

  • To send survey/questionnaires which save directly into your record 

  • With a link so you can send photos to the clinician of your rash or lump for example

  • Ask you to update clinician on your treatment or wellbeing

  • send referrals letters or summaries

  • Contact you if you miss an appointment e.g. at outpatients 

  • Contact you if you are not able to answer a phone call

  • Send you test results or ask you to call to discuss your results

  • Send you general public health messages about COVID 19, flu clinics, mental health or wellbeing services

  • In relation to research projects, unless you have objected

You can object at any time by getting in touch with us.

If you share a mobile phone with someone, please be mindful that they may see information about your health.

For information about the providers we use for our SMS, please see our list of providers on the main privacy policy page.

GP Connect

We use a facility called GP Connect to support your direct care. GP Connect makes patient information available to all appropriate clinicians when and where they need it, to support direct patients care, leading to improvements in both care and outcomes.
GP Connect is not used for any purpose other than direct care.

Updated 21st June 22 to include research projects for potential SMS

Updated 2nd July 22 to include GP Connect paragraph