Kafico Ltd takes your privacy very seriously.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner as a Data Controller and our registration number is ZA422651.

If you have any questions or wish to make a request in relation to your information, please contact the Director on emma.cooper@kafico.co.uk.

Kafico Ltd acts as an independent provider of Data Protection Officer services to various customers. Some of which are healthcare providers such as GP practices.

We do not transfer any personal data outside of the UK.

How Does Kafico Collect My Information?

We will collect information about you, either directly – when you contact us with data protection concerns or queries, or indirectly – when one of our customers passes your details to us so that we can provide you with advice and support.

Where possible we will ask our customers to redact your personal information, where it is not necessary for us to deliver our services.

There may be occasions when we will need to have information about you in order to properly respond to the query.

The information we collect will be stored on computer and electronic systems.

The information includes Personal Data;

  • basic details about you, such as name, nature of your query and email address

as well as Sensitive Personal Data, (where it is provided by you directly);

  • information that you provide about your health and any disabilities (only if provided by you)

  • information about your home life such as marital status, sexual life (only if provided by you)

Kafico Ltd are permitted to collect, store, use and share this information, where necessary, under the General Data Protection Regulations 2016 and Data Protection Act 2018;

When our customer provides us with your information

Processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the controller or third party

When you contact us directly and provide information

The data subject (you) have provided their explicit consent

How Does Kafico Use My Information?

Kafico Ltd will use your information in the following ways;

The public

  • To provide you with support and guidance with respect to data protection law

  • To respond to your requests to exercise your information rights

  • To support our customers to give effect to your information rights

  • To respond to queries via the website

Our customers

  • To provide you with support and guidance with respect to data protection law

  • To maintain logs such as training figures

  • To maintain a list of contact information (where you have not objected)

To undertake some of these activities, your information will be shared internally across our teams. We will work to ensure that only the right people have your information and that they are only given the information they need.

Who Does Kafico Share My Information With?

Kafico Ltd works hard to ensure that only the right people have your information and that they are only given the information they need.

Kafico Ltd uses other companies to help us deliver some of our services such as;

  • Shared Network Drive (Microsoft 365)

  • Website provider (Wix)

  • Accounting software (Quickbooks)

  • Email provider (Microsoft or NHS Mail)

  • Pension provider (NEST)

  • Recruitment portal provider (Indeed)

  • Accountant (Direct Accountants UK)

  • Telecommunications (Webex)

Personal data will never be made available to organisations not related directly to our identified uses without letting you know and giving you a chance to object.

We have contracts in place with these organisations that prevent them from using it in any other way that how we tell them to. These contracts also require them to maintain good standards of security to ensure your confidentiality.

Will Kafico Ever Share My Information Without Asking Me?

Sometimes we will be required by law to share your information and will not always be able to discuss this with you directly.

Examples are;

  • Sharing with the police or tax authorities for the detection or prevention of crime

  • Where it is in the wider public interest – to keep the public safe for example

  • To safeguard children or vulnerable adults

  • Because the court has told us we must share.

What Are My Information Rights?

Data protection law provides you with a number of rights that Kafico Ltd is committed to supporting you with;

Right to Access

You have the right to obtain:

  • confirmation that your information is being used, stored or shared by Kafico Ltd

  • a copy of information held about you

  • If you only require a particular part of your record, tell us and this can reduce the time it takes to provide it

  • We will respond to your request within one month of receipt or will tell you when it might take longer.

  • We are required to validate your identity including the identity of someone making a request on your behalf


Right to Object or Withdraw Consent

We collect, use, store and share your information because we are permitted to by law; in order to respond to your queries or provide data protection support to our customers, but you do have a right to object to us doing this.

When we collect, use, store or share your information based on your consent, you have a right to withdraw that consent at any time.

Our Data Protection Officer will be happy to speak with you about any concerns you have.


Right to Correction

If information about you is incorrect, you are entitled to request that we correct it.

There may be occasions, where we are required by law to maintain the original information – our Data Protection Officer will talk to you about this and you may request that the information is not used during this time

We will respond to your request within one month of receipt or will tell you when it might take longer.


Right to Portability

You can ask us to send your information to another organisation on your behalf if you wish.


You also have the right to make complaints and request investigations into the way your information is used. Please contact our Data Protection Officer or visit the link below for more information.

For more detailed information on your rights visit https://ico.org.uk/for-the-public/.

Does Kafico Use Profiling or 

Automated Decision Making?

No; Kafico Ltd does not undertake automatic profiling or automated decision making in relation to your information.

Our Data Protection Officer will be happy to speak to you about this if you have concerns.

How Does Kafico Protect My Information?

Kafico Ltd are committed to ensuring the security and confidentiality of your information. There are a number of ways we do this;

  • Staff receive regular training about protecting and using personal data

  • Policies are in place for staff to follow and are regularly reviewed

  • We check that only the minimum amount of data is shared or accessed

  • We use controlled access to systems, this helps to ensure that the right people are accessing data – people with a ‘need to know’

  • We use encrypted emails and storage which would make it difficult for someone to ‘intercept’ your information

  • We report and manage incidents to make sure we learn from them and improve

  • We put in place contracts that require providers and suppliers to protect your data as well

How Long Does Kafico Store My Information?

The public


Kafico Ltd will retain / store your information for 3 years to allow us to respond to any follow up queries.  However, once the initial query or request is resolved, we will make a summary of the outcome, remove identifiers and keep in a de-identified form until it is time to be destroyed.

Our customers

Kafico will retain / store your information for the duration of your contact with us and for 3 years following termination of contract. This helps support us should there be any matters arising.

What About Cookies or Information Submitted via This Website?

Kafico only use cookies that support the provision of this website and allow us to see how our site is performing (what you have clicked on for example) and do not share information with any third party for direct marketing purposes.

If you contact us via this website, we will provide you with information about how it will be used, stored and shared once we have identified the nature of your request. 

What About Marketing Emails and Blog Updates?

We may send you occasional emails about products and services that we offer.

We may email business about events and products that they might be interested in.

If we email individuals using their personal data, this will only happen if you have signed up for these communications or if we have an existing relationship with you and feel that you would be interested and expect us to keep you updated.

You can unsubscribe to these emails at any time by clicking the link within the emails. 


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