The UK Government's current position is that from December 2020, companies without a UK presence who are processing UK citizen data will require a representative to..

* Act as the point of contact for UK data subjects and the UK supervisory authorities.

* Enable UK supervisory authorities to pursue enforcement action where necessary

What Does This Mean for Us?

* Organisations with no presence in the UK or EEA will then need separate representatives in both territories.

* EEA organisations will need a Representative in the UK where they offer goods and services to UK citizens

The Position & Responsibilities of the UK Representative



  • Co-operate with relevant supervisory authorities.

  • Manage conversation between the data subjects and your organisation. 

  • Be accessible to data subjects for requests, queries and complaints. 

  • Maintain a RoPA (Record of Processing Activities) 

  • Facilitate supervisory authorities to contact the Representative in the case of enforcement action for the non compliance of the organisation they represent.


As your UK Representative, Kafico Will Work With You To...

Set up your UK Representation

Provide ongoing UK Representation

  • Maintain & update your RoPA.

  • Respond to queries from UK data protection authorities.

  • Log & report any breaches where appropriate.

  • Receive and log data subject rights requests, as well as advising on suitable responses.

  • Advise on data protection regulatory issues that can/will impact your organisation.

  • Ensure your privacy policy has the correct information

  • Understand the flow of UK data for your organisation

  • Review Data Protection Impact Assessments

  • Review security measures to protect UK data

  • Support in the event of breaches

  • Establish a copy of your RoPa.

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