Kafico Managed Disclosure Service (KMDS)

Kafico are an Information Law consultancy that has a background in health and care.


The Director / Lead Consultant originally trained in nursing and has worked in the information law field for over 15 years. 

The lead consultant holds a Masters in Information Rights Law and Practice, BCS (ISEB) Data Protection, BCS (ISEB) Freedom of Information and CISMP Information Security.


The Kafico Data Protection Consultant graduated in law with business, with particular focus on contract law and she has expertise in power of attorney, court ordered data, parental disputes, child abuse and police disclosures.

How Does it Work?

The practice will receive a request from a patient or their solicitor or other organisation asking for information from the practice. This might be their computer records, their paper records or both.

The practice will send the request to KMDS securely via NHS Mail which is a secure, national email service.

Working with Laptop

The KMDS Team will remotely access the clinical system to get the record or ask for paper records to be sent over. The KMDS team will then review the record to ensure that the disclosure is lawful and compliant. They may speak with the patient, GP or solicitor to make sure they understand the request.

When the request is ready, they will send it securely via email or by registered post, to the person who asked for it.

Is it Secure?

KMDS have completed a risk assessment to ensure that the way they use patient data is secure and appropriate. 

Staff accessing clinical systems have had criminal records checks, references and are under strict confidentiality rules.

Records are encrypted in the KMDS systems and staff have to use additional codes as well as passwords to access any patient data.


Three weeks after the records have been sent, the actual patient records themselves are deleted from KMDS systems and then are only held by the practice.

KMDS hold Cyber Essentials accreditation and submit an annual NHS Data Protection and Security Toolkit

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