Information Governance & Data Protection Consultancy


Our Approach

Kafico Ltd offers subject matter consultancy providing proactive and pragmatic information legislation consultancy to its customers large and small across the UK and internationally .

Our specialist team has years of experience supporting customers to feel assured in their compliance with data protection law and wider information governance.

We pride ourselves in simplifying data protection law and setting out the most pragmatic route towards compliance, one that suits our customers’ risk appetite and maturity.


Our Vision


"To be the preferred supplier of pragmatic, proactive Data Protection Consultancy for Private and Public Sector organisations in the UK , Europe and beyond."


The Kafico Team have a wealth of skills and expertise covering Domestic and European Data Protection (DPA 2018 / GDPR), Japan's APPI, HIPAA to GDPR, Freedom of Information, Human Right to Privacy, Contract Law and Tort. This, combined with our understanding of a broad range of sectors and business cultures, means we are able to offer services to meet your specific needs.

Our Services


Kafico Ltd currently act as Data Protection Officer for over 170 customers.
This retained service includes policy development, training and risk management as well as liaising with the public and the Information Commissioner. We pride ourselves on offering a personal service through a dedicated consultant.


Compliance Audit

Other Specialist Services

Protect your business from hefty fines by booking one of our comprehensive compliance audits.
Our team will review your processing and marketing activities, align with appropriate legal gateways, identify risks and produce a GDPR evidence pack for customers, partners and other stakeholders.

We specialist in international framework compliance. Supporting your business to manage data lawfully in the UK, USA, Europe, Japan...anywhere!

  • Training

  • Lawful Consent

  • Marketing Rules Review

  • Privacy Policy Draft

  • Confidentiality Agreements

  • Full Policy Suite

  • Incident Management

  • Advice and Support

  • Digital and App Compliance

  • Children and Young People

  • Information Rights Requests

Complex Project Management

Our consultants have experience leading projects and information work streams for complex multi-agency projects. We believe that by placing ‘Privacy By Design’ and at the centre of innovation, companies demonstrate their commitment to privacy rights of their customers and are equipped to effectively manage information risk.

COMPACT Privacy Campaigns

Our unique and effective approach to privacy campaigns assures that your communication with data subjects is lawful, ethical and clear.

Our Campaign Team will support you to design a campaign that engages your stakeholders in conversation and underpins your assurance programme.


Our Team

Emma Cooper

Director & Data Protection Officer


Data Protection and Freedom of Information Practitioner and holds a Masters in Information Rights Law and Practice with focus on algorithmic decision making and the impact on privacy. 


Complex, multi-agency information sharing projects, transparency/fair processing campaigns, data protection impact assessments, liaising with Information Commissioner, information risk management, HIPAA to GDPR gap analysis and compliance projects.


Pragmatic, cheerful and geeky! Loves being in Brighton and being by the sea.

Hannah Calway

Data Protection Team Leader


Studied Law with Business at Brighton University. This included information and EU law, Contract, TORT and Criminal Studies. Experience in Power of Attorney.


Contracts, information rights requests, incident management and data protection impact assessments.


And most importantly, Hannah is a self-identified nerd, with a home full of games consoles, comic book paraphernalia and - her absolute favourite - Harry Pottery merchandise galore!

She is a proud member of the Slytherin house.


Jeff Pullen

Information Security Consultant


Having spent 6 years at a Fortune 500 company, Jeff then gained invaluable experience within outsourced IT.

He then left the 'big smoke' to start his own IT company in beautiful Cornwall. His experience working as an employee and owning his own company spans almost every industry at every size. 


Cyber security, system administration, networking, IT support and customer service.


Enthusiastic, curious and friendly. Guaranteed to disappear down the rabbit hole of research. Loves living by the sea.

Maddy Watson

Team Administrator


Maddy studied Psychology and Criminology then proceeded to work in various administrative roles in a variety of businesses. This experience not only built the foundations for administrative work but also made it clear to Maddy that she wanted to work in the legal sphere.

New to the team and loving learning everything GDPR; Maddy is excited to be working at Kafico and to grow into the team. 


Anything admin! She especially enjoys diary management and getting us organised!  


Eccentric and chatty, Maddy loves anything social and getting to know new people. If you can teach her something new she’ll be all ears as she loves learning, especially if it’s a topic she wouldn’t naturally come across in her day to day. 

Chris Hollis


Chris studied Psychology, Business and Human Resources and brings a wealth of cross sector experience to our team from sales coordination to the healthcare sphere and finance.


Project Coordinator


Project Coordination, Data Flow Mapping and Due Diligence.


Another self confessed nerd, Chris loves research, academic debate and punk and ska music. He loves a good documentary and is partial to a pink gin. 


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